22 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Ep92: International Rope Switch VioletRain - An Interview

VioletRain is a Thai rope switch with an international background, who now lives in the States. A thoughtful and experienced rope-focused kinkster, she visited Thailand earlier this year and we had the pleasure to sit down with her and talk about rope. Through the discussion, listeners can hear abut how as a more experienced bottom but a newer rope top, she’s developing her skills. We also discuss with her: ◦ How an uninspiring single column as a first tie didn’t put her off a partial suspension for her second tie - which made all the difference ◦ How she started as a rope bottom and then grew as a top - and what has been even more powerful for her than classes ◦ A great tip on how to get the most from your classes ◦ The connection she makes between hiking and Rope! ◦ Her love of impact and whips and how she combines them with rope (Mya can attest to her gleeful sadism, see below!) ◦ Wha she’s attracted to as a bottom in rope versus what she’s attracted to as a top ◦ Her rope touristing and travels, her learnings and her experiences at Beach Bind ◦ Tips for listeners who want to rope tourist themselves Click the links below to listen now!
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