45 minutes | Dec 21, 2020

Ep85: ‘My Favourite Rope Scene’ with our 2020 interviewees

Fox and Mya share bonus material from this year’s interviewees, who talk about their favourite rope scenes - a special Christmas present for our listeners! Mya and Fox share thoughts on ideas, learnings, themes and other aspects of the scenes that the rest of us might be able to pull into our own real-life rope play, whatever experience-level we have. Fox and Mya also share one of their own scenes from both top and bottom perspective where they created a new tie, the Hitsugi, an intense and restrictive tie they both loved. The episode includes: @clover talking about one of the most meaningful rope scenes of her rope life @Wykd_Dave reviews a number of his favourite rope scenes - including one with carpet burn for clover @Miranda- describes the scene where her mindset flipped @Zero-Gi - some of the most playful rope we’ve heard about: ‘The floor is lava” @Samjay - Hot sauce Hashira, and introducing your work colleagues to rope! @Hey_LittleOne - a delightfully dirty story with a Game of Thrones surprise @RopeDaddy_AJ - simple yet satisfying bedroom bondage @EbiBex - A sadomasochistic rope scene that was not what she expected at all
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