36 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

Ep82: Japanese Rope with WykD_Dave and Clover

Fox and Mya interview the lovely rope couple, @WykD_Dave and @clover for the second time - these two just have so much amazing rope knowledge and experience to share! In this episode, Fox and Mya discuss with them their experience with Japanese rope, including Ichinawa, Semenawa, and helping to sort out some useful sources for those of us who can’t visit Japan or get relevant in-person teaching. In the episode, hear them discuss: * What is semenawa and how does it feel to the top and bottom * What cherry blossoms have to do with rope! * How Dave and Clover built their education and training in Japanese rope * The importance of learning and development in rope, even when you’re experienced * How they’ve developed their own ties * How to start with Japanese rope and some of the difference between Japanese practitioners * What do people get wrong about Japanese rope bondage in the West * Emotions and rope * Ichinawa and Dave’s seminal influence on the technique
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