36 minutes | Oct 25, 2020

Ep81: What to do when you ‘fail’ in rope

Fox and Mya discuss the concept of ‘failure’ in rope, its origin, and most importantly how we can either mitigate it, or even not create a situation where you might feel it in the first place. They share some of their own vulnerable feelings of failure and how they managed them together. They also discuss: * What do we mean by failure in rope * Where do our feelings of failure come from externally and internally * Comparisonitis * How communication between top and bottom impacts feelings of failure * Injury and safewords and how they relate to feelings of failure * Top and bottom examples of ‘failure’ * Aftercare after ‘failure’ * How to avoid feeling that you’ve failed in rope from the start * The transferable skills from handling failure rope that you can use in the default world They hope this episode is helpful to removing any feelings of failure you’ve experienced while doing wonderful rope. Have fun tying! NB: This isn’t including the sort of failure incited via consensual emotional sado-masochism
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