48 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

Ep80: Emotional Sadomasochism and Rope: An Interview with EbiBex

@EbiBex is a a queer, masochistic bottom who (along with her partner @DWL), participates and teaches at national and international events. In this discussion that covers edgeplay and some intense BDSM experiences and kinks, Fox and Mya discuss with EbiBex the concept of emotional sadomasochism, and what it might look like when played with in rope. EbiBex really shared so much of herself in personal approach to this vulnerable topic, and Fox and Mya appreciated her contribution a great deal, and hope you enjoy her lively exploration of this sensitive area. The discussion also covers: ◦ EbiBex’s journey into rope ◦ How the wider rope scene has changed, especially for rope bottoms, even in the six or so years she’s been in it ◦ Definitions and examples in rope of terms such as degradation, humiliation, objectification and shame ◦ How to negotiate for this kind of play, and discussion of risk profiles and safety ◦ The idea of ‘rope cuckholding’ ◦ The differences for her between this and Non emo rope scenes ◦ Her views on subspace and the pressure the concept puts on scenes ◦ Her recommendations if you want to start exploring emotional sadomasochism with your rope
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