46 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Ep78: Sensuous Rope - Listener Question Episode

Fox and Mya discuss a listener suggestion from @z4DDy who said he would love to hear a discussion about sensuous rope. He suggested topics included: different means to create sensuousness, rope handling for sensuality, physical connection to enhance sensual connection, suspension types with sensuality and experiences of sensuality in rope. Fox and Mya dig into the area and address his questions as well as: * Sensual versus sexual rope * How tops can use their bodies and physical sensation to create more sensuality * Sensual rope handling * How the bottom can increase the level of sensuality in a rope scene * Non-rope factors to increase the level of sensuality in a scene * The importance of creating a sense of safety with each other to increase sensuality * The pros and cons of music * Creating more sensuality in the different phases of a suspension tie * Micro-expressions and why to pay attention to them in your partner * How different types of bottom’s touch can express different emotions * Mindfulness, presence and headspace This episode was sponsored by FrictionLive.CA Check them out!
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