39 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

Ep 84: How Can Tops Achieve an Altered Mindspace in Rope? (Listener Question)

@Bravo_Juliet, a rope bottom and listener from the UK, asks the Rope Podcast whether a top can experience some of the feelings and headspace that are more traditionally associated with bottoms as she asks: “Can rope be relaxing for tops too?” Fox and Mya explore this topic, touching on: * What ‘bottom space’ in rope might look like * Cathartic triggers for bottoms * Pros and cons of altered headspace in rope * The importance of not pressuring yourself to feel a certain way in rope * The influence of the bottom’s emotions on the top * Barriers to a top relaxing in rope * How a bottom can support a top to a different headspace in rope * The limited research on altered mindstates in tops and bottoms in BDSM * Fox’s experience of a different headspace as a rigger * Conditions to achieve ‘flow state’
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