38 minutes | Nov 15, 2020

Episode 22 - The Low Armor Cast Special

Greetings Friends, It's a very special day, as Ron and Steve are joined by Aaron and Kelsey, the other two member of Low Armor Cast (#TheLowAC) an actual play dnd podcast, to talk about the new show launching December 7th! We get the inside details and have some fun talking about a project we're all super excited to bring to everyone. You can check out The Low AC on December the 7th at thelowarmorcast.com or right now on social media @thelowac. And if you wanna support The Roles We Play Crew, the best way to do it is via the Low AC Patreon: patreon.com/lowarmorcast. Hosted by Ron Leota and Steve Kelsey. Produced by Ron Leota.  Hear us on itunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google. See us on Youtube at Dying of Exposure. To join the conversation, visit us on Facebook. Theme "Land of Luck" by Spectacular Sound Productions (under the Share and Share Alike license).
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