42 minutes | Sep 17, 2020

Episode 18 - State of Gaming 2020 (Live!)

Greetings Friends, Thank you all so much for your patience. We did a live-stream of the show yesterday and it took us some time to get everything edited into Podcast format. On the show today, you'll be hearing part one of The Roles We Play's state of gaming 2020 on the Dying of Exposure Twitch channel. This is part one of two, as the live broadcast went way longer than our normal format. We hope you enjoy and we'll be back on the 1st for part two.  Hosted by Ron Leota and Steve Kelsey. Produced by Ron Leota.  Hear us on itunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google. See us on Youtube at Dying of Exposure. To join the conversation, visit us on Facebook. Theme "Land of Luck" by Spectacular Sound Productions (under the Share and Share Alike license).
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