55 minutes | Jan 7, 2022

SEO Expert Michał Suski on How to Take Your Content Strategy to The Next Level : The ROI Online Podcast Ep.139

How can you truly know you’re delivering the best and most relevant content? This is an often asked question by entrepreneurs and luckily we have something that can help you grow your business. In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, SEO Specialist and co-founder of Surfer Michał Suski explains how to merge content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process to grow your brand and business.

Michał  is a SEO Specialist, he joined the IT industry during his last year at university and five years later he became a co-founder of Surfer which is a modern SEO tool that helps efficient teams stay ahead of the game. Surfer is a bootstrapped company, profitable, and growing constantly. Michał’s responsible for educating customers, introducing Surfer into their processes, business development, and partially the product growth direction.

If you’re wondering how you can create content that ranks on the first page of Google, better your strategy and grow your company you should definitely stay and listen!

Among other things, Michał and Steve discussed:

  • Michał ’s backstory and experiences 
  • How his company “Surfer” started 
  • The importance of having a great content strategy
  • How to cheat Google SEO
  • How to write a good description for SEO
  • How to make money off of SEO
  • How important are blogs to SEO
  • How much do SEO writers make

You can learn more about Michał here:

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You can learn more about Surfer here:


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