51 minutes | Jan 29th 2021

[Feature Friday] CEO Bryan Adams on Why Employer Branding is Key: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 88

As much as you’d like to deny it, consumers make buying decisions based on how an organization treats its employees. People are now more likely to see and therefore care about the people behind your brand. In this Feature Friday episode of the ROI Online Podcast, CEO Bryan Adams talks about why it’s essential to tell the truth about your company so you can attract people who are a perfect match for your business—and repel those that aren’t.

Bryan Adams is an author, CEO, and Founder of Ph. Creative, a full-service employer brand communications agency that helps you sell the truth and change the way people think about your company. He’s made it his mission to make his client’s lives easier and more effective.

People say your core values, culture, and beliefs are revealed when put under pressure—and it’s safe to say we had adversity in 2020. Who you said you were and how you acted as a company this past year are probably the best research and the best proof that you are who you think you are. What does that make you and your company?

Among other things, Bryan and Steve discussed:

  • What Employer Branding is and why can it makes a big difference for your business
  • How to attract the perfect people for your brand by being refreshingly honest
  • Why being confident that your organization isn’t for everybody is massive leverage
  • How to get comfortable repelling most of the people who wouldn't be a good fit in your organization
  • The difference between consumer and employer branding
  • The importance of setting your business culture from the very beginning
  • The “Give and Get” formula to attract the right people

You can learn more about Bryan here:

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Learn more about Ph. Creative here:


Read the books mentioned in this podcast:

The Golden Toilet by Steve Brown

Give and Get by Bryan Adams and Charlotte Marshall

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