51 minutes | Oct 30th 2020

[Feature Friday] Casey Grey on The Deliberate, Conscious Effort of Discerning Your Why - The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 49

On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, Steve talks with Casey Grey of The Conscious Builder about mindfulness, finding your why, and how working on yourself makes a difference in your business. 

Casey has been working in construction for the last 17 years, 10 of which in his own business, The Conscious Builder. He’s also been working on his own personal development with people like Tony Robbins and things like meditation, writing every day, and constantly asking himself why, which started when his family was expecting their first child.  

According to Casey, “The word conscious is really a state of awareness. You can’t make a change if you're not aware of what needs to be changed in the first place.” And that comes with asking yourself why, really listening to the answer, and acting on it. Casey understands that personal development is a journey that never really ends, but he sees it as the best investment you can make: to work on yourself. 

The Conscious Builder’s goal is to be seen as the leader in healthy, comfortable, and efficient building. They’ve also branched out into various media opportunities as well because they believe that diversifying their income means they’re not dependent on any one source to stay afloat. 

Casey also sees educating others as a way to gain trust and give back to whatever industry you’re in. It keeps them at the top of their game and forces them to constantly be better. Plus, the more content you put out on different platforms, the more likely your ideal customer is to find you.

You can learn more about Casey here:

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