54 minutes | Apr 16th 2020

Amy Foley On Remote Work, Hiring Remote Workers, And More — The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 1

In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, host Steve Brown interviews entrepreneur Amy Foley, co-founder of Inbound Back Office.  Amy wears many hats as a wife and mother, business woman, and host of a marketing podcast.  One of the most unique things about Amy’s work is that her company is entirely remote; she believes strongly in the value of remote work, having seen its positive impact in her own life after being forced to work from home for a month to care for her child after an injury.  Amy slowly worked her way into fully remote positions, saw a need in the marketing field for trained freelance workers, built a team to help her meet this need, and eventually partnered with Michal Reynolds to create a fully remote company to come alongside other organizations.  

This company, Inbound Back Office, has been growing and expanding its influence since its founding.  This growth has forced Amy to adopt careful hiring practices, as she has had to balance the need for more employees with the need for workers who can navigate remote positions well and who possess requisite specialized skills for their positions.  Amy tells Steve about the team structures, avenues of work, and specific positions that now mark Inbound Back Office, and about what would characterize an ideal client for her.  


Steve and Amy discuss Inbound Back Office’s hourly rate model, the unexpected value of direct relationships between Amy’s employees and the companies they assist, and the heavy demand for content services, among other topics.  Amy is excited to share the goal she and Michael share to double their business in 2020; this equates to more companies helped and more people hired into remote positions that will prove beneficial in their own lives!  Finally, she is excited to share with the podcast audience the lesson she learned through her own family and business life: you can do hard things.


Amy is the co-founder of Inbound Back Office:






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