46 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Episode 134: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

It’s National Principal's Month and the Rock Stars are interviewing three sitting elementary principals from each of their "Coaching Trees" to discuss the triumphs, the challenges, and all things related to educational leadership in the K-12 setting! Join Jon and Nick as they interview Mr. Travis Orth (Principal of Pickering Valley Elementary School), Dr. Melanie Susi (Principal of Shamona Creek Elementary School), and Dr. Shawn Wright (Principal of Brandywine Wallace Elementary School).  
  1. We frequently discuss the unique challenges faced by elementary principals. While secondary principals usually have an assistant principal to rely on and confide in, elementary principals are alone on an island. How has that challenge affected you and how have you overcome it?
  2. You are each in the first two years of your tenure. What has been the biggest change going from assistant principal to head principal?
  3. The Rock Star Principals originally brought each of you on as an assistant principal/leader. In sports terms, you are part of their “Coaching Tree.“ Which of the "11 Ps" do you believe is most important and why? Which of the "11 Ps" do you have to further develop as part of your skill set?
  4. The entire planet is dealing with a global pandemic which is unlike any other experience in the history of education. We all know the challenges this has wrought, but what do you will be the biggest benefits at the conclusion of this pandemic?