21 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

#137 Bhagavan Krishna teaches Vedanta to Uddhava (and us)

The purpose for which Bhagavan became Krishna avataara, a divine incarnation has been accomplished, on earth.  Uddhava, his childhood friend is sad that he will have to part from him. So Krishna lovingly teaches Uddhava (and us),   For details and registration for our online Vedanta camp from 18th – 19thSeptember 2021, https://discoveratma.com/live-courses Do subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter - Aarsha Vidya Bharati which brings you more happiness, more wisdom and more freedom. Vedanta - the river of wisdom is a weekly podcast by Swamini B, a Vedanta teacher, author and Hindu monk. www.discoveratma.com
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