21 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

#131 What qualifies a student for Vedanta?

Just as one qualifies oneself to learn any discipline of knowledge, the ancient masters lay out a four-fold qualification to be a Vedanta student.   We reflect on where we are as we renew our commitment to knowing the liberation vision of oneness on the eve of Guru Purnima.  The podcast transcript Thank you for your warm response to the book - You matter- Insights from Vedanta released last year.  To purchase the book, the links are below: Kindle version across Amazon worldwide, For paperback version only in India from Amazon  For paperback version only in India from Flipkart  Do subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter - Aarsha Vidya Bharati which brings you more happiness, more wisdom and more freedom. Vedanta - the river of wisdom is a weekly podcast by Swamini B, a Vedanta teacher, author and Hindu monk.
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