12 minutes | Jul 3, 2019

Marketing with Purpose

In this first episode I share how I became a coach and the mistakes I made by falling into comparison game; trying to copy what others where doing but with no direction or intention. I share why is so important to know the intention behind your marketing; your content needs to have a why and be specific on where is it going and who is it targeting, to avoid frustration, overwhelm and thousand of hours that you'll never ever get back. I'm Maria C. Krause, Mindset & Business Coach. I help new entrepreneurs develop their unique set of skills and superpowers to create a marketing strategy authentic to themselves. If you feel stuck in these areas and 100% ready to start creating your dream business but don't know how or why, let's chat. I offer a free 1-1 coaching session to help you get unstuck! Click here to book! Love, Light, BE Maria. XXX --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/maria-c-krause/message
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