19 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

E4: How to be Authentic when you don't know who you are.

Hello Soul sisters,  Welcome back to another episode of #tehrisingsoulpreneur podcast. This podcast is created for new entrepreneurs to help you uncover and develop your unique skills and superpowers to create soul based successful businesses. Today's episode: Authenticity, what is and how do we become our authentic selves? Is it a word? Is it a feeling? Is it a state of mind? How do find ourselves and who we really are? A couple of days ago, I asked my sister this question: How would you define your authentic self? And she went silent for a while, to the point that it got uncomfortable.. So she asked me to go first, and at first I wasn't sure what words to use, so I started describing my qualities and then A-ha moment, I remember who my authentic self is before someone told me I shouldn't be or couldn't be that person. How would you describe your authentic self Queen?  Check out the podcast to get tips on how to be your Authentic self. Your host, Maria C. Krause.  Mindset & Business Mentor. Founder & owner of Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast and online magazine. #therisingsoulpreneur --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/maria-c-krause/message
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