37 minutes | May 2, 2016

The Facebook Ads Equation Revealed & Creating Sticky Content with David Schloss

Facebook marketing pro and international speaker David Schloss joins TRE to go deep down the trail of: 1) Revealing the equation of Facebook ads; avoiding giant mistakes when posting an ad and how you can start developing ninja-like marketing tactics on facebook. 2) How to keep people burning to consume your content by making it "sticky." 3) Utilizing your network properly to ensure the right people see your content on social media. Find David at Facebook.com/Schlossy and also see how his marketing services may cater to your business buy visiting Rampify.com. FREE Precision Podcasting course competition steps: 1) Introduce TRE to 3 friends that will love the content. 2) Have them subscribe to the show, leave a 5-star rating, and comment their takeaway from the show. 3) Have your friends screenshot their comment and send it to you. 4) Send the photos in one message to OfficialTREpodcast@gmail.com with subject line "QUALIFY ME!" and you're in the competition. For your free audiobook visit AudibleTrial.com/TRE To get your hands on Precision Podcasting before the competition ends, simply visit PrecisionPodcasting.club As always, find Tyler and I on social media at TREpodcast.com Cheers!
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