42 minutes | May 3, 2018

Transforming an Organization

In this episode of The Ripple Podcast by 5 Stones, we talk to Tangipahoa Parish President, Robby Miller. Robby talks about the task of transforming Tangipahoa Parish Government after taking office. One of the ideas we talk about is the idea of being like a 3 year old and asking "why", followed by "why", followed by "why", until you get to the root of an issue. We also talk about the importance of seeing the positive things that are happening and not just focusing in on the negative. Resources mentioned in this episode: Book: Good to Great Book: Start with Why Radio: The Message on Sirius XM Where to find Robby online: Tangipahoa Parish Government on Facebook Tangipahoa Parish Website View this episode with full show notes and video on The Ripple Podcast's website.
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