41 minutes | Apr 19, 2018

Creating Raving Fans Through Simple Actions

In this episode of The Ripple Podcast by 5 Stones, we talk to Jess Peele from The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, FL. Jess is a master at putting on a show, making people feel special, and creating "Raving Fan" experiences for his guests. If you need proof of this, read the comments on The Great Southern's Facebook post where they teased this podcast episode. Listen in as we talk to Jess about how and why he does what he does. Where to find Jess Online: Since Jess isn't a public figure or the business owner, we'll link to The Great Southern Cafe instead of Jess' personal Facebook, etc. The Great Southern Cafe Website The Great Southern Cafe on Facebook The Great Southern Cafe on Instagram It wasn't mentioned in the podcast as a resource, but since we reference it in the title of the podcast, we'll put the book "Raving Fans" as a resource. It's an absolute must read. Raving Fans
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