76 minutes | Apr 13, 2018

Building a Life and Business You Don't Need to Escape From

In this episode of The Ripple Podcast, we talk to Mike Ragsdale, CEO and founder of the 30A Company. Mike talks about building his dream life and dream business, one where he’s not always living in anticipation of the next vacation. This podcast is a must listen for those who are in transitional times in their life, or just stuck in a job or business that they have no passion for. Mike tells us about the defining moment that caused he and his family to pack up and move to the beach, and he tells us how it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. Listen in and be inspired by this amazing story of a man and his family following their hearts and living the life of their dreams! Resources mentioned in this episode: Book: The 4 Hour Workweek Where to find Mike online: 30A.com 30A Radio 30A on Facebook
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