73 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

Busting the Myth that Productivity Equals Happiness: Why You Should Do Less | Rima Danielle Jomaa | Mental Clarity

A lot is changing rapidly in the world as we are being forced to slow down globally. This episode was recorded 02/12/20, before quarantines forced us to slow down anyway in the West, but this content is even more applicable now as we have more time & space to explore our habits & “typical pace” of life. We are sold from a young age: the more you do, create, produce, the more you’re worth & the happier you’ll be. Rima has found the opposite to be true & shares her personal story of going at lightning speed through her 20s before learning the value of going inward & slowing down her pace. She shares similar stories of clients' ups & downs & gives insights & tools to use & apply to your own exploration of whether or not you’ve been going too fast in your life. We explore values & how to re-examine inner stories that may no longer be serving us.