27 minutes | Aug 13, 2021

#088: The 5 Best Product Development Tips From 281 Books

Product development is about more than just building something new. It’s about coming up with an effective solution to a real problem that customers are facing. By effectively addressing their needs, you can attract more positive reviews, encourage word-of-mouth referrals, and drive repeat business in the future.With this in mind, let’s explore five of the best product development tips from 281 business books that I’ve read over the last 22 years as an entrepreneur. Each of these insights can help you build superior products and services for your customers.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL PRODUCTIVITY TIPS ARTICLE:🌎 https://rickkettner.com/the-5-best-product-development-tips/Want to leave a COMMENT or watch the VIDEO edition?► https://youtu.be/CmpQ-c-RbjY📚 BOOKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE1. THE MOM TEST by Rob Fitzpatrick 2. THE LEAN STARTUP by Eric Ries 3. SPRINT by Jake Knapp 4. START AT THE END by Matt Wallaert 5. PERENNIAL SELLER by Ryan Holiday  THE BEST PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT BOOKS📚 https://youtu.be/Tvxd89zTyM4THE BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY BOOKS📚 https://youtu.be/NX1bcEz6Rt8THE 10 BEST STARTUP BOOKS📚 https://youtu.be/J_rLYMDq1YETHE 10 BEST ENTREPRENEUR BOOKS📚 https://youtu.be/YrfihWIFEKgTHE BEST PRODUCT MANAGEMENT BOOKS📚 https://youtu.be/D1auOgpkMJMFollow Rick Kettner for episode updates, book recommendations, and more.► https://www.twitter.com/rickkettner► https://www.instagram.com/rickkettner/► https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickkettner/► https://www.youtube.com/rickkettnerContent by Rick KettnerProduced by Kyle Trienke
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