14 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

#084: The 5 Best Startup Tips & Advice From 281 Books

There are countless books, articles, and podcasts that cover helpful advice for startup founders. However, some insights are far more valuable and essential than others. So, I’d like to share 5 of the best startup tips and strategies from 281 business books that I’ve read over the last 22 years as an entrepreneur. Let’s dive right into it.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL MARKETING TIPS AND STRATEGIES ARTICLE:🌎https://rickkettner.com/the-5-best-startup-tips-and-adviceWant to leave a COMMENT or watch the VIDEO edition?► https://youtu.be/HaZLKONdFYQ📚 BOOKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE1. THE MOM TEST by Rob Fitzpatrick2. THE LEAN STARTUP by Eric Ries3. TRACTION by Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares4. THE START-UP J CURVE by Howard Love5. BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne6. ZERO TO ONE by Peter Thiel7. THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF MARKETING by Al Ries and Jack TroutTHE 10 BEST STARTUP BOOKS📚https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-startup-books/THE 10 BEST ENTREPRENEUR BOOKS📚https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-books-for-entrepreneurs/THE BEST BUSINESS STRATEGY📚https://rickkettner.com/the-best-business-strategy-books/THE BEST SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING BOOKS📚https://rickkettner.com/the-best-small-business-marketing-books/THE 10 BEST DIGITAL MARKETING BOOKS📚https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-digital-marketing-books/THE 10 BEST BUSINESS BOOKS📚https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-business-books/Follow Rick Kettner for episode updates, book recommendations, and more.► https://www.twitter.com/rickkettner► https://www.instagram.com/rickkettner/► https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickkettner/► https://www.youtube.com/rickkettnerContent by Rick KettnerProduced by Kyle Trienke
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