16 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

#081: TOP 3 TIPS from HOW TO TAKE SMART NOTES by SÖNKE AHRENS - Book Summary #30

Personal growth involves more than just consuming books, articles, or podcasts. Our brains are not very good at storing and retaining information. As a result, we often forget valuable insights and life lessons long before having a chance to make full use of them.How To Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens is about how to better understand, retain, and benefit from great insights. The book exposes the flaws in common note-taking practices and presents a simple yet powerful way to capture insights and convert them into a growing web of knowledge. I highly recommend it if you’re a content creator, a researcher, or simply passionate about learning.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE, BOOK LINKS, AND MORE:🌎 https://rickkettner.com/how-to-take-smart-notes-book-summary/ Want to leave a COMMENT or watch the VIDEO edition?► https://youtu.be/0TuWGm9YiXw WANT TO PICK UP A COPY OF HOW TO TAKE SMART NOTES?Buy It On Amazon ➜ https://www.amazon.com/dp/1542866502/DOWNLOAD THE OBSIDIAN APP 🔗 https://obsidian.md/THE BEST PRODUCTIVITY BOOKS📚 https://rickkettner.com/the-best-productivity-books/THE BEST SELF-HELP BOOKS FOR ENTREPRENEURS📚 https://rickkettner.com/best-self-help-books-for-entrepreneurs/THE BEST BOOKS FOR ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS📚 https://rickkettner.com/best-books-for-aspiring-entrepreneurs/THE 10 BEST ENTREPRENEUR BOOKS📚 https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-books-for-entrepreneurs/THE 10 BEST STARTUP BOOKS📚 https://rickkettner.com/the-10-best-startup-books/Follow Rick Kettner for episode updates, book recommendations, and more.► https://www.twitter.com/rickkettner► https://www.instagram.com/rickkettner/► https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickkettner/► https://www.youtube.com/rickkettnerContent by Rick KettnerProduced by Kyle Trienke
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