77 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

EP 472: Talking Entrepreneurship Jacob Oppelt

This week we are talking Entrepreneurship. Jacob Oppelt is an avid hunter and serial entrepreneur for Port Angeles. Jacob and I dive into starting your first business and getting over the fear of taking that leap. We also dive into many of the struggles currently facing entrepreneurs with the current COVID situation. Jacob shares some advice on how he looks at new business ideas and what things to think about or not think about. There is a lot to be said for finding your passion and we talk about the importance of having a purpose in business. We also cover the importance of creating a network and how to go about growing your network even when starting from nothing and being from a small town.

Show Notes: 
Intro – Jacob Oppelt – 0:03:35
Getting Over Fear & Starting – 0:10:23
Advice From Experience – 0:21:22
What Makes a Business Idea Good – 0:28:18
COVID’s Impact on Business & Opportunity – 0:35:30
The Hunting & Experience Industry – 0:50:49
The Best Small Town in America Contest – 0:56:19
Closing Thoughts – 1:07:27

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