59 minutes | Sep 11th 2020

12. Spooky Doings

Chelsea and Rick from the Spooky Doings podcast chat me up about sex in horror movies. We talk about the cheesy sex in Embrace of the Vampire, the lizard nympho in Species, beach masturbation in The Demoniacs, the boobs of Friday the 13th movies, and some obscure sexy horror movies like Nekromantiks, Nude for Satan, and 29 Palms. Spooky Doings is a weekly podcast on the Apocalypse Podcast Network. You can follow Chelsea on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/chelsbennington, and you can follow Spooky Doings in Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/spooky_doings/ The Revolving Door is on the Apocalypse Podcast Network! Find The Revolving Door on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/revolvingdoorcast/ and on Twitter here: twitter.com/RevDoorPodcast