49 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

5. Men or Women: Who Controls the Money? with Dr. Barbara Provost

Dr. Barbara Provost, EdD, MS Ed, MBM, is the founder of Purse Strings, and she’s going to help us answer a question that comes up a lot in relationships: who controls the money?Discussion Topics"Money Matters: When Married Couples Clash, Advisors Try To Restore Some Peace"How COVID-19 has affect couplesThe benefits of a finances “date night”Trying to take emotion out of the financial conversation“Women and Retirement Savings”Women live longer than men on average, and more end up living in poverty during retirement as a result — but some of that’s avoidable with better planning90-95% of household financial decisions are made by womenThe insurance and financial industry is the least sympathetic to women and there’s a huge trust deficit thereWomen are the most powerful market on the planetAligning your goals and values around moneyInterviewing your financial professionals before you work with themHow Purse Strings empowers women to be financially fearlessHow do you financially prepare for someone passing away?Resources:Purse StringsSocial:Dr. Barbara Provost - LinkedInBeau Henderson - FacebookBeau Henderson - LinkedInBeau Henderson - TwitterAbout Beau Henderson:Beau Henderson is a retirement consultant, money and business coach, best-selling author, radio host, and Founder of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live their unique definition of a fulfilled life with purpose. RichLife Advisors helps clients across the United States approaching retirement with a strategy to:Save more moneyPay less in taxesProperly address the 12 components of creating a successful retirementProtect the people and things that they care about the mostLive their unique definition of a RichLife in retirementThe Retirement Resource is produced by Crate Media.
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