26 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

Understanding your pension

Often, young people are synonymous with not starting to save early enough for retirement or lacking an understanding in their pension. In this episode Roy is joined by 24 year old Jack Watkinson who has recently graduated from University and is about to embark on his first graduate role. As a young saver, Jack is starting the process of saving into a pension and thinking about retirement.Roy and Jack discuss:The role of schools in pension and money management educationThe balance between short term priorities and long term retirement plansThe benefits of compound returns when saving early for retirementAutomatic enrolment and workplace pensionsAn example pension statement and understanding the jargonRisks and return: why the level of risk is the most important thing to consider when thinking about investmentsHow much money is needed to have a secure income in retirementFor further information you can contact or visit your pension provider's website, the Money Advice Service or Citizens Advice. A financial adviser will also be able to provide specific guidance on your own pension arrangements – please contact MHA Carpenter Box Financial Advisers for advice on pensions or retirement planning.
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