18 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

Can women be adversely affected in retirement?

In this episode Roy Thompson talks with Gill Lynes, Senior Financial Planning Manager at MHA Carpenter Box Financial Advisers. They discuss the various factors that result in many women under-saving for their pension and what actions can be taken to ensure a sufficient income in retirement.Statistics reveal that women are adversely affected when it comes to pensions. Research published by Unison show that 52% of women are adequately saving for retirement compared to 60% of men. In addition, female pensioners have on average a net weekly income which is approximately 85% of their male counterparts, and yet women account for 61% of pensioners above state pension age.Topics of discussion in this podcast include:Socioeconomic reasons that can contribute to low pension savingsThe impact of National Insurance contributions on state pensionsFinancial planning in couplesChild Benefit considerationsTaking pensions into consideration in a divorceFinancial education and where to find lost pensionsPlease contact MHA Carpenter Box Financial Advisers for advice on pensions or retirement planning.
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