64 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

Work of Human Hands, Episode 12: Deplorable Impoverishment (Part 2)

In this episode of Work of Human Hands Father Anthony Cekada finishes a discussion of Chapter 12 that began in the previous episode. Father examines in detail the elements that make up the new “Eucharistic Prayers” which were mostly contrived and have no roots in Christian tradition. He then goes on to look at the “institution narrative” as set up against the traditional words of consecration and concludes, using Magisterial teaching and sacramental theology, that the New Mass, even in the Latin, is invalid. Should you wish to obtain a copy of Work of Human Hands to follow along, you may do so at SGG Resources: http://sggresources.org/products/work-of-human-hands-by-rev-anthony-cekada Original Air Date: August 11, 2015 Show Run Time: 1 hour 3 minutes Show Guest(s): Father Anthony Cekada Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Season 4 Sponsor: Novus Ordo Watch http://novusordowatch.org/ Episode: https://www.truerestoration.org/season-4-work-of-human-hands-episode-12-deplorable-impoverishment-part-2/ Work of Human Hands: https://www.truerestoration.org/category/radio/work-of-human-hands/ Subscribe: https://www.truerestoration.org/member-signup/ Work of Human Hands℗ is a Production of the Restoration Radio Network. Copyright 2015. All Rights are reserved.
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