30 minutes | Aug 5, 2019

RL 121: Rielly Karsh — Reframing the Label "Just a Mom"

In this episode, I am excited to have on Rielly Karsh to talk about reframing the conversation around politics and motherhood, and why having more moms in positions of leadership matters. Mom motivator and kid wrangler, Rielly is a former attorney, photographer, and passionate community leader. Lately, she answers to mom and councilwoman. An elected official in Clinton, NJ, where she lives with her husband and two kids, Rielly is dedicated to increasing the political engagement of moms at every level of the political landscape, helping them "run like a mother." Topics Covered Her journey running for office and why having more moms in positions of leadership matter. Why we need more moms to run for office AND serve in leadership roles on campaigns, and how to deal with the nagging feelings of self-doubt. How the process of running for office starts, and what tools Moms Running offers to women to get more moms to run for office. How we help moms and society see beyond the label "just a mom," and see value in who they are and what they do.   Find the 1-hour webinar on relaxing the thinking mind at jeenacho.com/podcastwebinar Questions? Comments? Email Jeena! hello@jeenacho.com. You can also connect with Jeena on Twitter: @Jeena_Cho For more information, visit: jeenacho.com Order The Anxious Lawyer book — Available in hardcover, Kindle and Audible Find Your Ease: Retreat for Lawyers I’m creating a retreat that will provide a perfect gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with an intimate group of lawyers. Interested? Please complete this form: https://jeena3.typeform.com/to/VXfIXq Free Webinar Learn to relax the mind, worry less, and decrease stress. https://jeenacho.com/podcastwebinar/ MINDFUL PAUSE: Bite-Sized Practices for Cultivating More Joy and Focus 31-day program. Spend just 6 minutes every day to practice mindfulness and meditation. Decrease stress/anxiety, increase focus and concentration. Interested? http://jeenacho.com/mindful-pause/ Thanks for joining us on The Resilient Lawyer podcast. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please tell a friend. It’s really the best way to grow the show. To leave us a review on iTunes, search for The Resilient Lawyer and give us your honest feedback. It goes a long way to help with our visibility when you do that so we really appreciate it. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next week.
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