58 minutes | Aug 4, 2021

Ep 22: How a Traumatic Brain Injury Taught Me to be a Better Teacher (featuring Kaela Maggio)

At 17, Kaela Maggio looked like a totally normal teenager on the outside, but on the inside she was struggling to recover from a traumatic brain injury from a ruptured brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation.) Now 25, Kaela is defying the odds—and those who doubted her recovery—to become a teacher and live her life to the fullest (as cliché as it sounds!) In this episode, Kaela joins Kasey to share about her diagnosis & recovery, the struggle of battling an “invisible” trauma, and why accepting who she is now was one of the BEST things she ever did.    Listen now to hear more about: Why Kaela felt fortunate to have youth on her side during her recovery The frustrations of relearning simple activities & processes Why she struggled to keep friends after her brain injury—plus, why she is so appreciative of those close to her now How she’s coming full circle to help her students realize what they can accomplish (and be realistic about it, too!) The #1 thing Kaela wants people to remember  And so much more!   Follow us on IG so you don't miss a thing! https://instagram.com/the.reroute 
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