27 minutes | May 12, 2021

Ep 15: Karli’s Birth Control Story & Why Following Your Intuition is So Important

Birth control is not one-size-fits-all, and there are a ton of options out there for this exact reason. For Karli, her birth control experience made her realize she needed something different. In this episode, she’s opening up about listening to her body, finding relief after ditching hormonal birth control, and why we’re excited to finally have a natural option that can work for both of  us. We’re exploring: A BIG UPDATE about Kasey’s cancer treatment How debilitating physical & mental symptoms impacted Karli’s life Why Karli followed her intuition about her hormonal birth control (and what it meant for her side effects) The dish on why Natural Cycles is different  And so much more! This episode is sponsored by Natural Cycles, the first FDA cleared birth control app. While hormonal birth control works wonderfully for some people, for others like Karli, it isn’t an option. Which is why it’s great to have NC as a natural alternative. Natural Cycles is 98% effective with perfect use & 93% effective with typical use. It can also be used if & when you’re ready to plan pregnancy. All she has to do is measure her temperature first thing in the morning to find out her fertility status for the day. If it's a Green Day, she isn't fertile & if it's a Red Day, she's fertile and should use protection. Use promo code “GHO” on NaturalCycles.com for a free thermometer + 20% off an annual subscription. Disclaimers: Users must be 18+. Natural Cycles does not protect against STIs (only barrier methods, such as condoms, prevent STIs). Follow us on IG so you don't miss a thing! https://instagram.com/the.reroute
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