43 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

Sam Walker

I’m sure we have all had moments when we considered uprooting, moving abroad and starting again.For many people that feeling normally comes at the end of a successful holiday when we think about what it would be like to wake up every day in a relaxed ambiance of weather, food and chilled lifestyle. For most people thinking about it is as far as it goes.However, my guest in this episode of the #REPUTATIONPODCAST grabbed wanderlust by the horns, gave up her job as one of the BBC’s foremost radio presenters, and moved half way across the world to a new life in the USA.Sam Walker’s journey has been documented in her weekly award winning podcast ‘Sam Walkers Desert Diaries’ and here she talks to me about the fascinating challenges, the highs, the lows, and the emotional rollercoaster of her new life in the Arizona desert.
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