39 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

Jeff Raz

In this episode of the REPUTATION PODCAST we travel into the world of circus with international star of Cirque du Soleil, author, writer, producer, director, actor and above all internationally acclaimed clown, the fabulous JEFF RAZ.We talk about how he got into the circus as a juggler (better way to attract girls!), then travelled the world including an amazing 500 performances as the 'Dead Clown', the lead in Cirque du Soleil's production of Corteo.He has performed in theatres, big tops and on stages all over the world and founded the Clown Conservatory, the US's only professional clown training programme.His acclaimed books 'The Secret Life of Clowns', 'The Snow Clown' and 'Love, Death Circus' give an insight into a world we normally only dream about. 
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