30 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

Carolyn Hobdey

My guest on today’s Reputation Podcast, CAROLYN HOBDEY,  is a successful HR and transformational change  expert, with 20 years experience of working for some of the world’s largest employers. We tall about her career, but also her new  biography which reveals how her personal life has been a self-confessed mess. Her new book 'ALL THE T**TS I MET ALONG THE WAY' is an honest biography of how she has navigated her way through porn-addicted boyfriends, car crashes, boob jobs, manipulative men, love triangles and a 15 year marriage that wasn't what it seemed. She has also set up a consultancy  designed to help people navigate change called MEYDAY, which helps people to achieve balance, happiness and success in their professional and personal lives.
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