26 minutes | Nov 8, 2021

010: Season One - So many remarkable takeaways

Well today on the Remarkable Project, I, Jay Tinkler review the past 9 episodes! 

As we finish off Season One of The Remarkable Project I wanted to have a look at where we are at with answering the question how you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about.

 In this episode I am going to do my best to summarise some of the key takeaways into path of how you can look at improving your word of mouth and customer advocacy generally.

There we five main pillars spoken about in Season One:

Pillar One - Be Super crystal clear about why you exist from your customers point of view. Find your intent or the transformation for you customer.
Pillar Two - Create a process for deep listening.

Pillar Three - Build remarkable moments / experiences for your customer. Be playful with it.

Pillar Four - Search for the pain or friction that your customer might be going through.

Pillar Five - Build a community of advocates and facilitate the connection between your community.

We also talked about what is happening in Season Two:

- We are interviewing some amazing people in the first few episodes. 
- We are also introducing a second episode a week that focuses on the tactical side of building a business that people feel compelled to talk about. 

Lastly, I asked a couple of favours. I want this podcast to get into the ears of as many people as possible so if you don't mind could you:

1. Leave a review on the podcast - it helps get this podcast out to more people and 
2. Could you share it with one friend who would benefit in the same way you may have. 

Thanks a million :)

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