49 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Ep. 65 The Future of Open Theism with Richard Rice

Today I am joined by Dr Richard Rice to discuss his recent book, The Future of Open Theism. In the last episode, Richard and I discussed the history of open theism. In today’s episode, we chat about what open theism is, and the contributions it makes to a Christian systematic theology. Richard and I discuss various doctrines like creation, predestination, and providence. We reflect on the nature of risk involved in God creating an open universe, and why God might take a risk like that.


Host: R.T. Mullins (PhD, University of St Andrews) is a senior research fellow at the University of Helsinki's Collegium  for Advanced Studies.

Guest: Richard Rice (PhD, University of Chicago) is professor of religion at Loma Linda University.

Scientific Adviser and Show Manager: Ema Sani (PhD, University of Glasgow) is a postdoctoral fellow in biology at the University of Edinburgh.

Music by Rockandmetal_domination – Raising-questions


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