37 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

Natasha Swerdloff - “The Nature of Thought, Form and Formless - One”

On this episode, we spoke with our dear friend Natasha Swerdloff about her life prior to finding the Principles and some of the changes she experienced as she is able to "see" more and more into this understanding. " Divine Mind is manifested through Thought" - Sydney banks Natasha Swerdloff is a Three Principles Facilitator and Consultant with a background in psychotherapy who lives in beautiful Denmark with her husband, John. Since an early age she has been curious about how the mind works. Today she shares her understanding with people all over the world in a clear, light-hearted and inspirational way. She loves traveling, being in nature, and connecting with her friends and family. For more information on Natasha, go to https://theprinciplesinstitute.com/
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