40 minutes | Sep 9, 2020

Mette Louise Holland - "The Feeling of Who You Really Are."

On this episode, we talked with a friend and colleague, Mette Louise Holland. She is licensed psychologist who lives in Denmark with her husband and children. We had a delightful conversation, I loved her story of being introduced to The Three Principles and Sydney Banks. Enjoy it! From Mette Louise, "An understanding of the principles of innate health has made all the difference in the world to me. It has changed my life upside down for the better and I have never enjoyed my life, my relationship, my children and my job more than I do now – honestly, there’s not a single spot in my life it hasn’t affected in a way far beyond my imagination. And as for my work life as a psychologist, I feel so much more light, enthusiastic and hopeful for every human being I meet in my practice now, and my mind doesn’t waste a fraction of the energy I used to innocently invest in insecure thinking prior to this understanding." For more information on Mette Louise, please go to http://tankerskaber.dk/ 
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