33 minutes | May 12, 2020

Harry Derbitsky – “The Impersonal Message”

On this episode with spoke with Harold (Harry) Derbitsky. He had met Sydney Banks in 1976 and he became his only teacher as he deeply felt Mr. Banks was an enlightenment man.  This conversation brings a unique flavor from someone who had a unique experience on his path to his spiritual growth. About Harold Derbitsky: President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training) Inc. specializes in projects and training's in these major areas:  Heavily Addicted and Low Income/High Risk, Indigenous (Native American), Mentoring, Zoom Rooms and Sessions worldwide including North America, Europe & South America. His understanding is expressed via his insights regarding the Three Universal Principles of Mind,  Consciousness and Thought, as uncovered by his teacher Sydney Banks, who stated in the book  'The Missing Link':  All human behavior and social structures on earth are formed via Mind, Consciousness and Thought. For more information on Harry, go to https://www.acttraining.biz/
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