26 minutes | Dec 31, 2020

Elsie Spittle - "An Insight, an Everyday Miracle."

This is our last podcast conversation for this series and our guest is again, Elsie Spittle. What a beautiful way to end Season 1 of a podcast that was born out of a deep feeling. She mentioned in this episode how Syd pointed that an insight, an enlightenment experience, could happen to any of us, bringing the Mystery and the Mystical to our everyday experience. For Elsie, that is the relevance of Sydney Banks. About Elsie Spittle - From homemaker, to global consultant and mentor of leading Three Principles practitioners, Elsie Spittle has devoted her life to sharing this transformative mental health paradigm with the world. Elsie had the privilege of receiving “on the job” training directly from Mr. Banks, traveling with him to address mental health practitioners, educators, and others seeking a deeper understanding of life. She is considered the first formal teacher of the Principles, after Sydney Banks. She is highly regarded as a public speaker and in her ability to reach the audience, large and small, via a “feeling” that touches the heart and soul. Married for 56 years, with a loving and supportive family, she has her own private business and is co-founder of the Three Principles School, located on Salt Spring Island, BC. Elsie is the author of 6 books; the latest is Nuggets of Wisdom II, 2020. Elsie’s website: www.3phd.net
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