68 minutes | Jun 2, 2020

Dr. Keith Blevens – “A Historic, Monumental Work”

On this new episode, we have as our guest Dr. Keith Blevens. This conversation brings a sense of honor and respect to what was uncovered by Sydney Banks. Listen till the end, it was a full hearted conversation. Keith Blevens, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a B.A. degree from Indiana University and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. He has been an adjunct faculty member at nine universities, Clinical Director at the Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health, Director of the Baylor University Psychological Services, on the staff of Pransky and Associates and now owns his own Consulting firm with his spouse of 41 years, Valda Monroe. He has served as a Three Principles educator, trainer and consultant to executives, businesses, organizations, helping professionals, individuals, couples and families for over 43 years. He is certified by The Three Principles Foundation to teach the Three Principles as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. Dr. Blevens is currently working on a book with Valda Monroe at the request of the late Sydney Banks. This will include text specifically written by Mr. Banks only for this work. Prior to Syd's death he wrote this endorsement for the book's cover: "One of the main reasons I am honored to see Dr. Blevens write this book is that it may bring hope to those who are suffering needlessly and bring answers to helpers looking for the missing link psychology and psychiatry have been searching for."   Sydney Banks For more information on Dr. Keith, you can go to https://threeprinciplesparadigm.com/
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