45 minutes | Apr 1, 2020

Christa Campsall – “Human Dignity and Hope”

A beautiful episode in which Christa Campsall, a  teacher who met Sydney Banks in the seventies and became as family, tells stories of her learning of the Three Principles together with her interaction with Syd. Enjoy it, it was very touching! Christa Campsall is a pioneer in bringing Three Principles to K-12 education. Since 1975, this has been the foundation of her work as classroom teacher, special education teacher and teacher-leader. Sydney Banks granted her a certificate to teach the Three Principles. Christa has a BEd and a DiplSpEd from University of British Columbia and a MA from Royal Roads University. She and her husband live on Salt Spring Island. For more information on Christa, go to https://www.myguideinside.com/
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