21 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

Main Topic

How can you tap into the power of your mind? The answer is the question. How many times have you asked yourself useless questions? Like why am I fat? or Can I make a dumber question? The reason those are useless is that they go against what you are wanting to be answered.

The great computer

Your mind is a great computer and if you ask it a question it will find the answer to that question you ask. So, if you do ask why are so dumb it will find all the reasons you have a low IQ. If you ask why you are fat it will give you all those reasons and that will reinforce your overweight problem.

Ask Powerful Question
  • What does this make possible?
  • Why is this problem so excellent?
  • What is the next step I can take?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What Am I going to get accomplished tomorrow?
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