59 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

The Relationship Guy Speaks To The Relationship Couple

This week, it's a meeting of minds as John talks to coaches and relationship experts, Nicki and Tony Vee, for discussion about the nature of coach itself, the power of relationships and how they have led them to where they are today, and their groundbreaking system of guidance, known as the Couples Intimate Relationship Education programme. KEY TAKEAWAYS Relationships and intimacy are not taught in any kind of curriculum, and yet they make up a huge part of our lives. Guidance in these areas is crucial sometimes. The first step is recognising your contribution to a relationship. Only then can we identify the things we need from another. Human beings are complicated machines and unique in so many ways. We react and adapt to different forms of input - emotional, physical or spiritual. The energies of the masculine and feminine are out of balance in today's society, which prevents emotional progress in many ways BEST MOMENTS 'Nobody teaches you this stuff at school' 'The universe kept throwing us together' 'We're about intimate relationships, but our purpose and vision is to have healthy, happy and fulfilled life' 'Human beings are a chemistry set' VALUABLE RESOURCES The Relationship Guy Podcast - https://omny.fm/shows/the-relationship-guy     Nicki Vee LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickivee/?originalSubdomain=uk Nicki and Tony Vee - https://mastercoach.training     ABOUT THE HOST I am John Kenny, The Relationship Guy - Coaching people to experience healthy intimate relationships.  John is an Author, Documentarian and public speaker.  Having spent a life choosing unhealthy relationships and self sabotaging my own success, I now coach people to live a life they choose. www.therelationshipguy.co.uk CONTACT METHOD Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/johnkennycoaching
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