20 minutes | Sep 30, 2021


This week, John talks about affirmations and how they can help to establish a far more positive internal relationship with ourselves, thereby allowing us to create far more meaningful relationships with others. KEY TAKEAWAYS  If we foster a negative viewpoint or perspective internally, then it is far more unlikely that we will ever be able to create a positive relationship with others. If we establish a higher sense of self-worth, then the benefits are not just emotional. It has been shown that physical positives can emerge if we treat ourselves well. Hermetic philosophy states that we cannot simply say the opposite of what we believe in order for it become our truth. In childhood our brains are in foetus state. We absorb information far more easily, and becomes embedded far more deeply. If we seek to change these things later, then we must do so by embracing methods that also help us to reach this foetus state. BEST MOMENTS 'The most important relationship you're ever going to have is the one you have with yourself' 'We are able to change the way we think about ourselves and see ourselves if we start to have different conversations with ourselves' 'If we are able to manage our thoughts, then we are able to create our reality' 'Positive affirmations target a conscious level of your mind' VALUABLE RESOURCES The Relationship Guy Podcast - https://omny.fm/shows/the-relationship-guy       ABOUT THE HOST I am John Kenny, The Relationship Guy - Coaching people to experience healthy intimate relationships.  John is an Author, Documentarian and public speaker.  Having spent a life choosing unhealthy relationships and self sabotaging my own success, I now coach people to live a life they choose. www.therelationshipguy.co.uk CONTACT METHOD Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/johnkennycoaching
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