40 minutes | Aug 26, 2021

A Conversation With Teresa Brooks - When Business Is Personal

This week, John talks to Teresa Brooks, a transformational business coach and strategist, as well as the founder of the COACH magazine and podcast. Teresa joins John to discuss the art of coaching itself, and how it is built upon connecting relationships, the founding tenets of all successful relationships, and why we should think about accountability. KEY TAKEAWAYS We cannot hope to coach anyone unless we establish a secure relationship, built upon trust and faith in each other. Relationships are about responsibility. We must hold ourselves accountable for the roles we play when relationships work, but also when they break down. Safety and trust are deeply connected to any successful relationship. Without them, we cannot feel truly connected and secure. If we feel that we must ask for direction in a relationship, then there must be something fundamentally wrong at the heart of matters BEST MOMENTS 'Relationships are one of my favourite subjects' 'Connection is one of my values' 'It's about safety and trust' 'It always takes two. What it is about me that has changed this space?' VALUABLE RESOURCES The Relationship Guy Podcast - https://omny.fm/shows/the-relationship-guy      Teresa Brooks - www.teresabrookscoaching.com COACH Magazine - https://www.coach-magazine.com ABOUT THE HOST I am John Kenny, The Relationship Guy - Coaching people to experience healthy intimate relationships.  John is an Author, Documentarian and public speaker.  Having spent a life choosing unhealthy relationships and self sabotaging my own success, I now coach people to live a life they choose. www.therelationshipguy.co.uk CONTACT METHOD Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/johnkennycoaching
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